Survey Call to Action

Executives at all levels see an important business case for diversity and inclusion. When it comes to mastering the reputation, execution, and accountability of their diversity programs, many S&P/TSX Composite Index listed corporations have accomplished a lot.
Company leaders are rallying behind diversity and executives overall believe the issue is increasingly important to their companies’ strategy.

At LGBT Corporate Canadian Index Company, we are launching the LGBT Corporate Canadian Index (the “LGBT CCI”), a first-of-its-kind index in Canada. It is Canada’s premier benchmarking tool for LGBT workplace equality.

This index aims to serve companies, investors, government entities, academic institutions and LGBT organizations interested in monitoring, supporting, researching or investing in Canadian corporations that have demonstrated a strong commitment towards supporting the LGBT community by taking quantifiable actions.

We can all embrace the merits of LGBT CCI because it provides transparency around best practices as it pertains to corporate policies and corporate advocacy. It also serves leading and supporting corporations to actively promote LGBT inclusion as one of their key initiatives and allows them to be an integral part of the way forward.

LGBT CCI recognizes S&P/TSX Composite Index listed Canadian corporations which are embracing LGBT inclusion as part of their diversity initiative.

LGBT CCI will officially launch in February 2017. Inclusion in LGBT CCI signifies on a national scale that your corporation is an active proponent of LGBT inclusion.

Please take a few minutes today to complete the questionnaire attached and mail it back to us in the pre-paid return envelope.

Thank you for participating in the launch of this exciting first-of-its-kind LGBT index in Canada.